Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day

I can get used to this...  Yesterday I got home to chicken cacciatore for dinner, prepared Rachel Ray style by my hubby.  With his new work schedule he is home a full half hour to forty minutes before me which means dinner is at least started.  Yesterday it was not only started, but perfected.

I am not the only one enjoying Jay's revised schedule, however.  Riley gets an extra forty minutes of ESPN couch-lounging time in the morning with Jay since he now leaves later.  Initially it confused Riley.  He is accustomed to coming in from his walk and getting right in his crate so Jay and I can leave for work.  But now, I'm the only one leaving by 7:10 and  Jay doesn't leave until 7:40ish.  So Riley realized he could hop out of his crate and sit with Jay, but he was so out of his element that every time Jay moved to touch the remote or to check his cell phone Riley would hop back into his crate expecting Jay to leave.  Eventually this new routine will be old hat, but for now Riley is adjusting.  I tell you, though, he's not having a hard time adjusting to Jay getting home earlier.  I think almost every toy in his toy box was out last night. Even toys he hadn't touched since Christmas.  He is all about daddy being home earlier to take him out and play with him.

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