Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There are two three dangerous times to go grocery shopping:
  1. When you haven't yet eaten. Everything ends up looking good and before you know it you are toting around two carts and your bill is $400+.
  2. Late at night.  Yes, the lines may be shorter but the types of folks who crawl out of the wood work between 9pm and 3am are not the type of folk you want to encounter in the parking later on while trying to load groceries into your car.
  3. When there is a two-for-one special on Freihofer cookies.  Enough said.

My husband and I went grocery shopping on Sunday with two of the three scenarios present.  We hadn't yet eaten lunch and there was a two-for-one special on Freihofer cookies and breads.  When we first entered the store, the cookies appeared to be out of stock and fortunately we didn't need any more loaves of bread.  It seemed like we would make it out of the store unscathed without capitalizing on the sale.  No big deal, I'm almost positive my thunder thighs would thank me later.  Well, no such luck because by the time we had finished up our shopping (trying ever so diligently to stick to the list in hand) they were restocking the Freihofer display with their decadent little chocolate chip cookies.  You know, I never liked bathing suit shopping and the season is almost over anyway... so... we bought two boxes.  Want to guess how many are left in the first box?  FOURUggghhhh, why are they so delicious???  Something that good should have it's own space on the food pyramid:  Meat, Eggs, Fruits, Veggies, Carbs, Dairy, and oh yeah, Freihofer Cookies.  I think I'm onto something here...

Do you have any particular foods that you like to indulge in and then feel guilty about later?  Are Freihofer cookies one of them?

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  1. Thats the best looking food pyramid I've ever seen :)


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