Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maki Combo

Today I am at a seminar on Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure.  Topic is ok. Timing is not so great seeing as how I am insanely busy at work, but I'll manage.

I skipped breakfast this morning thinking some sort of pastry, fruit, etc would be served.  Wrong.  So by the time our lunch break rolled around I was STARVING.  Say it with me now: star-ving!  Well, apparently lunch is not served either. Not really sure at this point what I was charged for...but out for lunch I go.  Being that I know noone here and there hasn't been any opportunity to network, I am flying solo.

I contemplated drive through but I have an hour to kill.  There are plenty of places like TGI Friday and Ruby Tuesday, but they would be awkward to dine at alone.  Enter Mr. Fuji Sushi Restaurant.  I debated going in, having never been but then I let my love of sushi get the best of me and decided to treat myself. Boy was I glad I did. I was seated at the bar in front of the two chefs, so single seating was not only acceptable but allowed for me to watch them create my meal.  I ordered the maki combo lunch special: soup and a house salad along with spicey tuna and spicey crab rolls.  All I can say is it was like heaven on a plate.  I restrained myself long enough to take a photo before all the rolls were gone. 

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