Thursday, August 4, 2011

Off to the Races

Today I am off to Saratoga Race Track.  It has become an August tradition for a few friends of mine to spend the day together at the track.  We start with the breakfast buffet, wear sundresses and hats, and try our best to pick a winning horse each race.  We also consume a few Corona's out of cans since we're not permitted to bring glass bottles into the park.

I can pretty much sum up my betting principles into two three categories:
  1. The horse has a cool name
  2. The horse decided to take a #2 just before the race
  3. The horse is #9 or #12 (both were jersey numbers of mine in school)
Although I don't bet big money (I take the safe route with Quinella Box bets), the last few times I have gone I have at least come home with the same amount I left with.  And breaking even is good enough for me. It's all about the experience.  The weather is usually gorgeous, the horses are fun to watch, and the time spent with friends is priceless.

Are you a gambler?  Have you gone to the races up in Saratoga?  Do you have any tips or tricks for me? 

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