Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Hello Irene

Sunday we were hit pretty hard by hurricane Irene.  I can most definitely say I was surprised.  We're pretty far inland in upstate NY and somehow she still managed to wreak havoc.  The wind and rain started pretty early in the morning and continued right through until we went to bed.  This made for an interesting day to say the least: 

Rain, when coming down inches at a time, can fill an entire basement with 8-10inches of water in less than an hour.  Note that said basement was already equipped with a sump pump capable of 3150 gallons per hour.  Needless to say we had to purchase a second sump pump just to keep up.

Generators, for whatever reason, are hard to come by when you need them.  We had to travel forty minutes in the storm to purchase a generator to keep our sump pump running when the power went out.

Flash floods are a freak of nature.  They can make a previously tame road a raging river in a matter of minutes.  Our post office learned how to stand its ground in one such flash flood.

And lastly, dachshunds do not like rain even when donning a stylish red raincoat.

I find it so bizarre that yesterday could be so God awful and yet today it's absolutely beautiful out (aside from the residual water puddles and rushing rivers/streams, of course). I was able to successfully make it into work today, however my husband could not.  Travel going east and southbound in NYS was near impossible with many road closures due to flooding and downed trees and power lines.  Word on the street is the main routes he'd need to take may still be closed through 6pm tomorrow!  I guess I'll just have to leave him a nice long honey-do list to keep him busy.  He's already mopped the floors for me today... I could really get used to this.

Anwho, how did you fare through Irene?  I hope you all manage to stay safe and dry!

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  1. If he is bored there's plenty more to do here at my house :P Although the wind and rain were terrible here in Morris only minor damage around town. I hear Margaretsville and Middleburgh are pretty wiped out by the flooding :(

    P.S. Your doggie is adorable! I want a hotdog dog SOO bad :)


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