Monday, August 15, 2011


Did you know recap was short for recapitulate?  I didn't either until I right clicked on the word and checked out synonyms.  It's just a fancy way of saying "summarize."  I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

Anywho, let's recapitulate my weekend activities in short form:
  • Saturday morning:  let's just say it's amazing how much grass a 17lb dachshund can consume and puke up between the hours of  3am and 7am.  My poor little guy was so sick and I'm almost positive the full moon was to blame.  On the upside, in having to change out our bedding I am happy to report I am finally using one of the new bedding sets we got for our wedding. Yes, I know, it's almost been two years.  LOL.
  • Saturday day was Justin's company picnic which is traditionally held at Great Escape in Lake George, NY.  This is one of the first years it didn't rain on us, however many of the rides were closed (not sure why) and for whatever reason Great Escape has lost its luster to me.  Maybe it's that we do it every year.  Maybe it's that I'm getting old.  Maybe it'll be more fun when I have kids.  Quoteables from the day:  Jeff (in reference to being larger than your normal rider on the kiddie train with Kylee) "the attendent CPR'd my stomach."   Kylee, who's three, (upon entering the wave pool) "wow, this is better than I thought.
  • Saturday evening we enjoyed some bbq, alcoholic beverages and adult humor fireside at our friend Nicole's.  There were many moments where I am positive I couldn't have laughed any harder without peeing myself.  A good time was certainly had by all.  We didn't end up getting home until 3am and surprisingly I didn't turn into a pumpkin.
  • Sunday was spent with family.  My cousin Cathy was visiting from Long-guy-land with her three daughters Jordan, Madison, and Caiden and also her niece Haylee.  So we hosted a bbq at the house and the kids played with the slip-and-slide, water guns, Twister Hoopla, and anything else they could get into.  Some laughable moments from the day: Haylee shouted out at one point that Caiden called her a F---er (rhymes with Trucker) when really she was using toddler talk to say Tupper (a cat's name I guess??); one of the kids clogged the toilet and it overflowed everywhere; many Disney princess band-aids were administered with or without the presence of blood; Caiden was provided a windex bottle full of water to squirt people with; and, somehow the bathroom ended up locked with no one in it.  When they left my house was very quiet...which made me depressed.  I miss them already.
What did you do this weekend?  

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