Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Years Cooler

This past Saturday was my 10-year High School Reunion.  Like most I'm sure, I had mixed emotions about it.  I wasn't sure how well everyone would reconnect, what people would think of the inevitable 20lbs I'd put on since graduation, and I wasn't particularly excited for the "why don't you guys have kids" question to work itself into every conversation.  Not to mention I ended up planning the whole thing (Megan - you still owe me a perfectly poured beer) and that process in and of itself was a reminder of why I hated being on Prom Committee way back when.  But I digress.  My worries were unfounded because our reunion went off without a hitch.  Better than fifty percent had RSVP'd and actually attended.  Everyone looked the same if not better.  Personalities hadn't changed and the only person complaining about gray hair was Sita, but that wasn't anything new.  She found her first two gray hairs in the tenth grade I think.  Strangely it felt like we'd only been apart from one another for a month's time.  One thing I can say is that in our short time of being apart, our class has certainly produced some cute kids. So here's to another ten years and hopefully those that are local can find time to reconnect more often.


  1. I hate the kid question, especially since John's sister just Had a baby. *eye roll* on another note, glad you guys had a great reunion! Now stop making me feel so darn old! :-) ~kris

  2. I think I'm one of those annoying "kid subject droppers" It's more of a double dog dare ya.... I think? People stopped doing it to me about 2 years ago. I'm guessing they've assumed my uterus has shriveled up and my eggs have run away or something


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