Monday, July 11, 2011

Countryfest 2011

This past Saturday was Countryfest 2011 in Altamont, NY.  This is probably one of largest attended concert collective of country music stars in NYS.  Thirty-six thousand tickets were sold.  The weather could not have been more beautiful and thanks to an SPF level of 50, the hubby and I are not lobsters. We had arrived around 11:30am and did not leave until about 9:20pm.  As enjoyable as it was to be there with friends it can be summed up as one long day of lawn chair sitting, public port-a-potty usage, and wicked expensive concessions.  There were several artists that I did enjoy hearing in a live setting, but unfortunately with how crowded it was our view of the stage was quite limited.  People watching was at an all time high though.

Countryfest Fun Fact #185:  Jägerbombs, extensive sun exposure, and an already pronounced lisp makes for an exceptionally obnoxious Countryfest goer.  This is a scientifically proven fact, we sat not six feet from her.

Countryfest Fun Fact #233:  Jerry Springer really should do live tapings from an event such as this.  Drunk guy "Joe" begins the day making out with blue sundress girl "Katie" who later goes off to vomit (she was drinking heavily with Jägerbomb chick.) So "Joe" moves on and starts making out with pink sundress girl "Jill" to which Jägerbomb chick announces "this is why I'm a lesbian!"  Blue sundress girl "Katie" says she's not upset, she just wants her damn chair back.

Countryfest Fun Fact #441:  Suntans, jacked muscles, tattoos, and cowboy hats made for some serious eye-candy (aka man-candy) walking around. What? You think guys are the only ones who can appreciate a well-toned member of the opposite sex?  Get outta here.

And last, but not least, Countryfest Fun Fact #671:  Miranda Lambert hates beach balls.  After her first song she announced "If you want to keep your balls, you'd better hold them in your hands.  I will not tolerate beach balls tonight."  Nothing screams diva quite like denouncing beach balls.

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