Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Since misery loves company, I figured I would share my latest sob story.  My Ford Edge had a bearing replaced last week and ever since then it has had a "ka-chink, ka-chink" sound when going over any bumps or divets.  Nice, right?  Only 29k miles on the car, still under new factory warranty and already I am experiencing the headaches of owning a Ford.  This is my first, and probably last, Ford.  I've owned a Hyundai and a Pontiac and honestly the Hyundai was probably the vehicle I had the least amount of problems with.


Just for giggles, let's recap my Ford dealership experiences from yesterday:

Ford Dealership #1
So the Edge and I head on over to the Ford dealership where she had her bearing switched out.  The technician spends all of 15 minutes with her and says he can't hear a thing.  I take a ride with him, circle two blocks and point out every time the car makes the noise.  He continues to say he can't hear it but he'll take the back wheel off and take a look. We go for another ride and the guy still can't hear it, but it's "ka-chink, ka-chinking" right along.  He can't figure it out and so I'm sent on my way.  No solution.  Angry as hell.

Ford Dealership #2
After much cussing on the phone to my father and my husband, I call another Ford dealership closer to my workplace.  They can't look at the Edge until two, but I tell them to pencil me in.  Two o'clock rolls around and of course it decides to torrential downpour.  I end up sitting (cold and wet)  in the waiting room for the better part of an hour while they wait for the rain to stop before taking her out for a test drive. The first technician comes into see me and says he can't hear anything and "oh by the way" he's out at 3:30pm.  I think I was seeing red at this point but kept my cool and asked for another technician to take a ride with me.  I think God must have felt sorry for me by this point because in the first lap around the lot, technician number two say "Yup, I hear it.  Let me take a ride in the back with the hatch open so I can get a better listen."  Technician number two spends from 3:30 to 5:00pm testing out theories from a heat protective plate by the rotor, to a sway bar issue, and lastly to a loose e-brake line.  None of these seem to lessen the noise.  The Edge is now scheduled for a full-day play date on Thursday to figure it out.  

Let's hope the "third time's the charm" theory applies.  With the way my luck has been going, I think I may have reached a breaking point.

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