Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Nostalgia

This past Sunday was gloomy and wet, and although I would much prefer to be outdoors enjoying sunshine during these summer months, it's days like these that force me to do the important things like clean house and do laundry (or paint toe nails and watch movies).  I can't say that I don't enjoy a day of relaxation at home.  I have no problem kicking my feet up with a good book or sleeping in until 10:00 (okay, more like 8:00 because the dog has to pee, but you get my drift.)  I started another book passed along from my mother and watched a few movies while the laundry was on.  I also took a walk down memory lane and sifted through a box of old photos and a few of the albums from our wedding and honeymoon. 

Even though we will be married two years this October, it still feels like it was just yesterday.  And it is the little things that made the day what it was and I hope these memories will forever be etched in my mind:
  • My hairdresser, Kimber, surprised me with extensions to enhance my up do.
  • Even though my photographer was late and missed all of the "getting ready" shots, my wonderful Aunt Kathy was there to play Paparazzi.
  • When the bouquets arrived, I was speechless.  Brian at Bountiful Blooms had designed my bouquet with purple calla lilies.  Calla lilies are my favorite but weren't necessarily in our budget.  It was the icing on the cake to an already special day.
  • My Grandma Peck has said to me for as long as I can remember:  "You'd better hurry up and get married, I want to dance at your wedding!"  And dance she did.  I don't think there was a moment that went by that night where she wasn't on the dance floor.

As for our honeymoon, it was a five day cruise to the Bahamas.  Despite Delta losing one of our bags, the trip was still beyond awesome.  We caught the travel bug and would most certainly hop aboard another cruise in a heart beat as soon as we have the extra cash flow.  Some memorable highlights from our trip included:
  • A tour guide named Sully who's topics of conversation were "Mr. Cooper" (owner of all the fast food joints on the island), Bahama Mamas "they'll go right to your head man," keeping to the left (referring to driving), and "if you see a starfish, just throw it back."  All said with effect through a heavy Jamaican-type accent.
  • A walk in a sun shower to the lighthouse at Grand Bahama Island.
  • Finding out that stingrays are just like dog's of the ocean.  The ones we got to swim with came to us to be fed and to be pet.  It was pretty cool.
What are some memories of yours that you hope to never forget? Do you like to go back through photo albums from time to time?

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