Thursday, July 14, 2011

Autocorrect My Life

As a millennial I will admit that I use technology to an extreme.  I prefer quick texts over phone calls, I check email and Facebook constantly, and accept nothing less than high speed internet.  One thing which has quickly climbed the ladder on my technology pet-peeve scale would be Autocorrect.  I had not experienced this prior to my HTC Inspire phone.  Prior I had a Samsung Impression and had the option of turning off Predictive Text.  However, I have yet to figure out how to turn off Autocorrect.  In the past few days of casual texting I called my cousin Cindie "Candy" because my HTC's Autocorrect felt the need to rename her, and I apparently refer to myself as "o" instead of "I."    This is minimal.  I was also texting my boss about a file's location in case she beat me in to work, and Autocorrect felt the need to say brat instead.  Fortunately she is a heavy technology user who is well aware of Autocorrect.  Sometimes it can be laughable, but if you check out you can see how it can be downright wrong.

Switching subjects slightly, I would like to Autocorrect my life.  In this crap economy, life just down right sucks.  My luck really can't get much worse (refer back to this post, and this one) and overall it makes me feel like I'm having an out of body experience.  I really don't feel like myself.  Lately I'm cranky and grouchy.  I'm short tempered and say things I shouldn't to people I care about, namely my husband (and no, contrary to popular belief cranky-grouchy-short tempered is not the norm for me.)  Bills are getting tight and I'm getting nervous.  I know (think?) we will be fine but I have become such a worry-wart.  I think I need a life makeover.  The Cymbalta commercial and their "depression hurts" keeps playing in my head.  I actually think I might be depressed.  I'm certainly not happy and I feel like I'm making people around me miserable too.  I mean I love my husband but with the tough conversations we've been having lately, I  am almost positive I am his least favorite person to be around right now.  I just don't know what to do.

You know what I like to do when I don't know what to do?  Let's play the blame game.  I think that might make me feel better.  I blame Exxon Mobil who posted in excess of $32 Billion in profits by raping the American people at the gas pumps.  If it weren't for them, transportation and distribution costs wouldn't be up.  The price of food and merchandise wouldn't be up thanks to the distribution costs, and the price of heating oil wouldn't be up either.  Pretty much they have pinched us from all angles with their increased fuel costs.  It's so obvious, but our government doesn't see it because they suffer from selective eyesight.  It's easy not to see that the downfall of the American economy can be attributed to fuel costs when Exxon Mobil is lining the legislators pockets.  Ok, so the blamegame didn't make me feel better.  Now I'm just angry.  Angry and hungry.  Thank God it's lunch time.

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