Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As comedic as it was having Charlie Sheen make an arse out of himself in the weeks that followed his being let go (#Winning), I for one am ready for the big reveal of Ashton Kutcher to the Two And A Half Men show.  I'd always enjoyed the show as it was, but I'm curious to see how they've written Ashton into the picture.  Obviously he can't come in replacing Charlie.  They don't look anything alike and I'm almost positive Ashton is a foot taller.  Of course I say that even though I've never physically stood next to either of them.  Wikipedia, a trusty source, has indicated "Kutcher will not be playing the character Charlie Harper. Instead he will be introduced as another occupant of the Malibu residence."

So whaddya think?  Is Ashton the long lost brother, prodigal son of Charlie and Alan's conceited mother Eveyln?  Is he the wacko neighbor's new boyfriend?  Or did they write Charlie out as chasing after Rose overseas and Ashton is subletting her apartment/house?  Even better, is he Alan's ex-wife's newest ex who got the boot and needed a place to stay?  Are he and Alan lovers or is he Alan's long lost son from a one-night stand?  Either way they write it, I'm sure it'll be entertaining.  I know I'll be tuning in September 19 out of sheer curiosity.  The show's recent billboard advertisement leaves much to the imagination.

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  1. I've never seen the show but my voyeuristic side is curious. That's how I roll.....



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