Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four in One

Contrary to popular belief, I did not fall off the face of the earth.  I just took a much needed break for four wonderful days.  Did you miss me?  Well let me get you up to speed:

Saturday - The boat saga continues...
We spent about ten minutes on the boat where it actually ran fine.  We spent the next two hours starting and stalling our way back to the boat slip.  Apparently changing out the antisiphon valve was not the solution.  On a happier note, we walked up to main street and found a cute little place that makes homemade ice cream. The chocolate peanut butter cup was to die for.  The rest of the afternoon was spent helping friends of ours load hay into two tractor trailers.  It was a good amount of exercise which further justified additional ice cream consumption in the evening.

Sunday - Movies, dinner and smore...
The weatherman promised Sunday would not be a total washout.  Just "keep an eye on the sky" he said.  "Spotty showers" was the forecast.  What a load of bologna.  It was a complete and utter wash out until about six o'clock.  So we watched Netflix (Crazies and RED are certainly recommended) and then went out to dinner with Jen and Aaron.  Because it had finally cleared up, we invited them back to enjoy making smores on our firepit.  A perfect ending to an otherwise nondescript day.

Monday - Happy fourth...
Thanks to the copious amounts of rain NYS has endured over the last week, it was time to play catch up on outdoor lawn maintenance.  While the hubby rode around on the old John Deere, I finally got around to washing the exterior first floor windows.  Afterwards we decided to take our raft out to do some fishing.  All I can say is that it was refreshing to be on a boat that didn' t require maintenance.  I caught a rock bass (Christy - 1, Justin - 0) and not five minutes later lost my husband's lucky cricket lure.  Ooops.  We went home to consume a little bar-b-que and at dusk fireworks were enjoyed from our front lawn.. Our dog is so cool, he didn't even bark.

Tuesday - Water-park fun...
The hubby and I took the extra day off and boy were we glad we did.  We had hoped the weather would be just as nice as the day before and it most certainly was.  If you ever want to go to a water-park, plan it for the day after a holiday and you will avoid massive crowds and long lines.  Zoom Flume was basically our own personal park yesterday.  The longest we'd waited in line was 6 minutes for their Wild River ride.  We enjoyed delicious paninis for lunch along with some pina coladas.  We sat by the wave pool while our lunch settled and I must say, this park is quite picturesque.  Nestled in the Catskill Mountains the scenery is wonderful, they aren't overly commercialized, and price-wise they certainly don't break the bank.  It was the first time I'd been to Zoom Flume and I will most certainly go back.

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