Friday, July 29, 2011

Furry Friday: Belly Boy

Over time we have graciously given our little Rye-guy a number of cute nicknames, all of which he answers to.  Bearded-boy, Buddy, Rye-rye, Rye-guy, Bubba, Riley Baby, Love-Bear... the list goes on and on.  Truth be told, he just likes to be talked to so I think if I even called him an obscenity he'd come prancing over happily.  Lately I've taken to calling him Belly Boy because, well, he is getting a little bit of a belly on him.  What can I say? He has his mother's sweet tooth and an affinity for snacking around the clock.  But since he is a "tweenie" (not a standard or a mini) it's really not good to start letting him pack on the pounds.  Dachshunds are prone to back problems already and since he feels the need to avoid using his steps while getting down from the couch, throwing that extra weight into the mix is like a ticking time bomb for an expensive vet visit. 

I have been trying really hard lately not to give him anything extra but he is so darn cute!  I've also tried taking a toy out with us into the yard, but when we are outside he just wants to chillax in the grass.  He'll fetch all of two times and then he decides it's much more appealing to sit and sniff the air.  It's sad, but I think he has finally lost his puppy energy along with that bald little baby belly he once had.  My little man is growing up!  Well, since I myself could use additional exercise I think I will begin taking him for a "big boy" walk down at the local college campus for a change of pace.  Hopefully he'll find renewed energy to run around and play.  New sights and smells should do the trick.  Plus, his daddy doesn't get home until later most nights with the PT job so it'll be good for both of us to get out and find something to do. 

Are you guilty of overfeeding due to begging?  What cute nicknames have you bestowed upon your pet?

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