Thursday, July 21, 2011


My feet are the only "part" of me that are showing their age.  Seriously.  No gray hair, no wrinkles, no crow's feet.  Not yet anyway.  But my feet...well, at least the heels, they are definitely aging me.  My heels are warping into snakeskin, and not the expensive and desirable Manolo Blahnik kind.  The gross boa constrictor just shed it's outer shell kind.  (I know, I'm sorry for the graphic image.)  I'd complained about this back in the fall to my sister Jessie and her suggestion was the PedEgg.  She swears it works but I'm skeptical.  The damn thing looks like a cheese grater.  Not to mention any commercial on tv has Jess convinced she has-to-have said item.  So guess who got the PedEgg for Christmas as a stocking stuffer?  Yep, this gal.  And I have yet to use it.
I have a pumice stone and I use that on occasion.  I am terrible at remembering to lotion up afterwards though.  I just don't have that routine.  I'm not that girl who takes a half hour shower, an hour to dress and blow-dry, and an additional 15 minutes for make-up.  Don't get me wrong, I do ensure I look nice when I leave the house but I'm a 15 minute shower girl, most days I wear no make-up, and I despise blow-drying.  I manage to change my toe polish often enough that it looks nice, but I do try to keep it as low maintenance as possible.  You have to with a fur-child, a 4-bedroom house to clean, and 1.1 mowable acres complete with flower beds, fruit trees, grapes, and a small garden.  It encroaches on my "pretty" time. 

But now, in the throws of my late twenties and the shadow of my upcoming thirties (I love how dramatic that sounded) I have to be more attentive to these things.  Since Johnny Depp and the French men demolished the fountain of youth, I have no other option*.  So if you have used the PedEgg and it hasn't left your heels raw and bleeding, I'd like to know.  Success stories please.
*BTW - if you haven't seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie....go!

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