Friday, July 8, 2011

Furry Friday: Flies

Flies have become an endangered species in our household due to this little guy right here.  Don't let the sweet and innocent act fool you.  He's ruthless.  

The other night when we were eating dinner he began barking and growling at the french doors leading out to our sunroom.  This is not necessarily a unique experience; he barks this all the time at his reflection  in those doors at night.  However, it was still light out so we were concerned he saw someone or something in the back yard.  Upon further inspection, it appears Riley was ferociously protecting us from a fly.  It had perched just above the door handle out of his reach. 

Later that evening we were relaxing in the living room when out of nowhere Riley decides to try his hand at leap frogging off the back of the couch.  Do you want to guess why?  To catch a fly.  The noise he made chomping at the air as he lunged was hysterical.  However, we have since had a talk with him about the dangers of jumping off the back of the couch.  With three inch legs and a long back, injury is likely to ensue.  But then he gives us the old "sad-face" as we call it, and we succumb to letting him rest on the back of the couch again.

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