Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coffee, Chinese Food & an Award

Yesterday afternoon my office smelled like Chinese food.  This phenomena is not entirely uncommon because people microwave their lunches in the adjoining office.  However, what is uncommon is that it still smelled like Chinese food today when I came in.  Normally lunch hour smells dissipate.  After sleuthing around to ensure no remnants were left in my garbage and no funky spills were located anywhere on my floor, it dawned on me.  The other day I had made a small pot of coffee and poured the last cup's worth into my plants.  Well, yesterday was a pretty hot day and my plants were basking in the sunlight on the window sill.  So, you've probably guessed it by now:  old coffee in plants plus sunshine equals a smell similar to Chinese food.  Isn't that appetizing?  Not so much.

Anywho, there was something a little more important that I wished to share with you today (aside from my stinky office).  Last night I was the recipient of an award from the Capital Region Human Resources Association (CRHRA).  It was the 65th Anniversary of the association and I was presented with their first ever Volunteer of the Year award.  Pretty snazzy! 

Well that's all the excitement I have to share for today.  Have you ever won an award? If so, what for?

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