Monday, June 13, 2011

Air Conditioning & Fandango

Let's talk turkey, shall we?  I have found that there is no happy medium for air conditioning in large industrial buildings.  Once the summer weather hits and that switch is flipped, it's 48 degrees Fahrenheit all the time.  It doesn't matter if today is only 62 out and rainy, that air conditioning unit is still going to town as if it were Africa hot out. Seriously, my fingernails have a blueish tint to them.  I know I shouldn't complain about being in air conditioning, but at least at home when I turn the a/c on there is a thermostat which adjusts for when it's cold and crappy out.

Speaking of being crappy out, has anyone else noticed how much stinking rain we've had lately?  Apparently being a weatherman affords you the luxury to be consistently wrong and still have a job.  "This weekend's forecast calls for temperatures in the upper eighties and sunshine.... oh wait, just kidding, chance of showers is now 85% with temperatures in the low sixties.  Get out your galoshes everyone and try to stay dry!"  Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the occasional rain storm.  It gives me a break from watering the garden and also an opportunity to do things I put off for a rainy day like going to the movies.  However, going to the movies can get expensive which is why I use Fandango. Every Friday through the end of July Fandango is offering "buy 2 for 1 movie tickets" when you use your Visa Signature card.  Not too shabby, eh? 

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