Monday, June 27, 2011

Fit to Strip

You didn’t misread.  Today’s blog topic title is Fit to Strip. A few years ago I bought Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip DVD set because it promised to work all my problem areas and it got pretty good ratings from other end users.  Well, let me let you in on a little secret:  if you are looking for a good workout the second DVD in this set is the meat and potatoes.  Carmen and her trainer walk you through six different workout regimens including cardio, abs, and lower and upper body routines.  What I love about it is you don’t need anything special aside from a yoga mat, a chair, and a few light free weights which are completely optional.  Plus, this DVD has a few extras in case you only have time for a quick workout, want to focus strictly on toning, or want to target a specific area. 

I know I said it’s been a few years since I bough the set.  All I can say is that I get easily bored with working out and go through stages.  I’ve done Tae-Bo, biking and/or running during lunch hour, and a combination of the elliptical and Chuck Norris’ Total Gym that we have at home.  Now I’m back to Carmen’s Fit to Strip and honestly, I’ve forgotten how hard it was!  I made it through two of the work out regimens on Sunday and called it good.  Today, I am seriously thinking about buying a scooter off HSN and submitting for a handicap-parking sticker.  My legs hurt that bad.  Let’s put it this way, the squat motion to sit down is killer.  That goes for sitting down at the dinner table, to put shoes on, to sit on the couch, and even to lower oneself onto the toilet.  Plus, my dog has three-inch legs so to squat down to harness him is a chore! 

I think the next few days I’ll skip ahead to some of the arm workouts while my legs recover.  I didn’t think I was that out of shape, but there are muscles complaining that I forgot even existed!!  It’s a good burn though.  No pain, no gain right?

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