Thursday, June 30, 2011


Was yesterday National Hitchhiker's day?  Upon arriving at my work exit yesterday morning there was a gentleman attempting to hitchhike and he had a couple of bags with him and a cardboard sign.  Then on my way home that night an entirely different gentleman was attempting to hitchhike, also with a few bags in tow, and his sign indicated he needed to get to a town three exits away.

Three things immediately cross my mind:  1.) isn't it illegal to hitchhike?,  2.) I feel guilty that I'm not a Good Samaritan offering to help, and 3.) Creepy! I've read one too many Dateline Crime Reports to ever pick up a hitchhiker. 

So last night to feed my curiosity I looked up laws regarding hitchhiking in NY.  Apparently it's not illegal to hitchhike from the shoulder of a road or an on-ramp if no sign is posted prohibiting pedestrians.  However, it is illegal to hitchhike the shoulder and highway entrances for the NYS Thruway.  So the gentlemen I saw yesterday were not doing anything illegal as it was not the Thruway, but it still creeps me out.  I guess it's true, you learn something new everyday.

When you pass by a hitchhiker, how does it make you feel?  Have you ever actually stopped and given one a ride? 

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