Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Shoes Have It

My husband and I attended the CRUSH 105.7FM VIP party at Vapor Night Club in Saratoga on Saturday.  Friends of ours had won tickets and were in the drawing for their Cruise Giveaway.  Sadly they did not win, but we had a great time anyway.  I must say that coming up on our thirties, it's nice to find an age appropriate night scene.   The music was the perfect blend of today's top hits and music from our younger years.  We also weren't surrounded by college kids just looking to get completely obliviated and hook up.  We were partying with folks our own age who knew their drinking limits and were just there to have a good time.  One word comes to mind: refreshing.  It also didn't hurt my ego to be one of the youngest ladies on the dance floor, just saying.

As nice as this club was, it still proved fun to people watch.  My friends and I came up with our own code words for certain people throughout the night.  There was Soccer Mom Turned Party Girl, Creepy Guy, Ronnie Wannabe (Jersey Shore reference), and last but not least White Shorts Girl

White Shorts Girl certainly held everyone's attention, guys and girls alike.  She danced like it was her day job (maybe her night job?) and had the body of a Lakers Cheerleader.  She was dressed in teeny tiny white cut-off shorts, a black peasant style sleeveless top, and killer shoes.  As all the guys in the club were appreciating her for her dance moves, all us ladies were certainly giving her props for dancing all night in shoes like these:

Wowza, right?  BTW - ladies, you can purchase said shoes via Famous Footwear for $49.00.  I cannot speak to how comfortable they are, but they will generate attention in the club if that's what you are looking for.  Forget about "The Eyes Have It" because shoes like these have it all.  These babies would certainly make my wish list.  There are three things in this world I love almost as much as my dog and my husband - shoes, purses and a great pair of jeans. 

Enough about me, what's on your wish list?  Do you have a shoe fetish as well?

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