Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Traits

Ok, so I am just like my mother.   I admit it.  I organize the contents of my fridge the same way,  fold laundry the same way, always have a tea kettle on the stove, and there's always a sponge and a cup brush in the dish drain.  If that's not proof enough, here are a few more:

I like a tidy house.
When Justin, the hubs, cannot find something he left out on the counter the conversation starts something like this "So Judi (that's my mom's name), when you were cleaning today where did my ____ go?"  My response, very Judi-like, "away...where it belongs."  What can I say?  My biggest pet peeve is clutter and things being left out. 

I remember birthdays and anniversaries.
Seriously, when I first moved out I borrowed my mother's calendar to copy over important dates (such as birthdays and anniversaries) to my own.  You see, we both like to send cards out for these special occasions.  So my calendar hangs on the side of the fridge and I refer to it every so often so that I remember when to send out cards.  I happened to be visiting my Aunt and Uncle last August and while I was there the anniversary card I sent them arrived, to which my Uncle exclaimed "She's just like Judi." *Side note: Like Judi, I also compulsively send out thank you cards for any gifts received.  It's just the right thing to do.

Waste not, want not.
Yes, as a kid I lived in a household that ate left overs. To this day Justin and I eat left overs.  It's just logical.  We spent the money on the food.  It made enough for an extra night or two, so we eat it.  I sometimes even take left overs for lunch (I prefer them over a sandwich actually).  Last night we actually had an awesome throw together meal of an assortment of left overs.  We had half of a green pepper left, two portobello mushroom caps that needed to be used, two hamburger rolls, and a piece of kielbasa and sausage link from the prior night's bbq.  Guess what that made?  Sauteed mushrooms and pepper sandwiches and they were good

I'm a bargain hunter.
If you haven't already guessed it, I'm frugile.  Not because I have to be, but because I want to be.  When I'm out shopping, I will shop around for the best price even if that means walking the mall twice to make sure someone else wasn't running a better deal.  This drives my husband nuts.  He's someone who walks into a store, sees something he likes, tries it on and heads straight to the check out counter.  Me, I go with a list and I hit eight or nine stores before going back to the third store to finalize my purchase.  It may not save me time, but it does save me money.  I think this is why I also like online shopping so much.  I can shop at Amazon or Overstock and sort by price, then head over to a site like Retail Me Not and grab a promotional coupon code for additional savings.  Don't raise your know you're going to try it now.

What family member are you most like?  Do you get a laugh out of the similarities?

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