Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This time last year I was in a bad place.  Well, technically speaking a good place location-wise but a bad place in my life.  On year ago today, I was on vacation in Ocean City N.J. with friends at a gorgeous condo just a few blocks from the beach.  It was just what I, or should I say we, needed.  Only a few weeks beforehand my husband and I were finding out that our very first year of marriage was truly turning out to be the most trying one (save your "I told you so," trust me, I know).  After being together for ten years we really didn't think any surprises would be in store once we got married, but fate has this neat little way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the proverbial arse.  On top of all that, my chiropractor turned nutritionist tells me that my thyroid is slow (no kidding - ice cold hands, hungry all the time, lethargic, low motivation, dry skin, get the picture so I'll spare you the rest).  Her genius idea is to try an organic approach and put me on a 21 day cleanse.  Let me tell you, the last thing an already irritable person needs is to be told what she can and cannot eat and especially not right before a vacation!

Any who, this cleanse by Standard Process was t-o-u-g-h.  The first ten days was strictly fruits and veggies (double the veggies than fruits), God-awful shakes with protein powder and flax seed oil, and a zillion organic supplements to level everything out.  The next eleven days I could incorporate chicken, fish, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.  Pretty much I could eat nothing processed, nothing with preservatives, and only what most people do not want to eat.  Oh, and I left out the best part:  I had to drink my weight in ounces of water.  Well, seeing as how I'm reminiscing on this occurring exactly one year ago you can surmise that I survived.  I did, and am 13lbs less but none the better as far as my thyroid goes.  During the cleanse, yes, vast improvements were noted. However, it's just like anything else.  Once you stop following the rules and revert back to old eating habits you can pretty much settle for being back at square one.  Que-sera-sera, I am ok with it.  And, I am ok with my life at the moment (hey, I'm a fickle female). 

Someone once said to me "with every challenge comes opportunity" and I believe that is true.  My husband and I are much better off for the challenges we overcame together one year ago today.  I do think I am more grateful for what we have accomplished in life and what we have.  There are many who don't enjoy many of the luxuries I take for granted.  When I go home I may see an old house that needs painting while someone else may see it for what it is: a well kept 1950's Cape Cod.  I may gripe because this month's bills may mean I cannot put any extra into the savings, but someone else may say "hey, at least you can make your bills."  I really don't have it that bad. In looking back at where I was a year ago I can most certainly agree with that statement.

*Please note: for those of you who do not know me in person, I am not obese nor do I have terrible eating habits.  I just have a confused thyroid. 

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